Empirical (macroeco.empirical)

This module contains functions used in the analysis of ecological patterns in empirical data sets.


Patch is the core class of the empirical module. It reads and validates metadata and data table files, and patch objects are the first argument to all of the empirical metric functions in this module.

Patch(metadata_path[, subset]) An object representing an empirical census


Each of these functions calculates an empirical ecological metric for a given patch object.

sad(patch, cols, splits[, clean]) Calculates an empirical species abundance distribution
ssad(patch, cols, splits) Calculates an empirical intra-specific spatial abundance distribution
sar(patch, cols, splits, divs[, ear]) Calculates an empirical species area or endemics area relationship
comm_grid(patch, cols, splits, divs[, metric]) Calculates commonality as a function of distance for a gridded patch
o_ring(patch, cols, splits, spp, bin_edges) Calculates univariate O-ring for a species


empirical_cdf(data) Generates an empirical cdf from data